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Max on the Titania
Max ran for five minutes before realizing he still needed to run about another ten to make it to the exit door, but already he was getting tired.  The cat physiology he now had did no wonders to his endurance even if he could go faster.  The map showing the entire ship made things seem smaller than they were, it was only after running a calculation that he realized that from the ship he needed to run a one and a quarter miles through this hangar full of opposition and equipment.  If Max hadn’t had this goal in mind, he’d probably have spent this time examining each individual component and figuring out how it worked.  Another leap, and after much effort, Max finally got to where he could see the door.  These thoughts having distracted him from his body
A pistol went off.  Its noise nearly stopped Max in his tracks hearing all the harmonics.
“Stop right there,” A gruff female voice commanded.
Max turned to face the source to find it
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Dark Skies: TechnoFoxFire to Raid on Titania
“And what’s worse is that we lead them to Earth!” Max declared.
“I don’t think it can get much worse than that …” Joe made.
They had arrived back at the moon base.   Just as they were settling in, Aero broadcasted a message.
“You just had to say ‘it couldn’t get much worse’ didn’t you Joe?” Max quipped, “So what are we doing now?”
Joe detected a lot of stress in Max.
“Well I’d like to be a kitsune again,” Ani responded.
Is that seriously the only reason you’re going to continue siding with ODSE?” Max asked distraught.
“Don’t tell me you’re siding with the Null,” Joe went.
“Like Ani, I’m siding with ODSE for one reason only, but it’s different one.  I don’t believe their means of gaining new members is ethical,” Max explained.
“Well, I also don’t like the idea of being used as a breeding factor
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Space sickness Beacons
“Okay, it seems we’re all infected with something or other,” Max stated looking at his crew his new pair of cat ears twitching.
“You don’t say, genius,” Ani quipped his tail scratching his mane that sprouted out of his head now that somehow could.
“Oh come on guys,” Elias made, “it can’t be that bad.”
“Says the guy who got the least substantial change,” Ani went, “Other than Takumi, whose ears are minutely different other than what happened to all of us.”
Takumi rubs the back of his head a bit, "Heh... I didn't even notice..." he admitted, his ears wiggling a little bit.
Joe sat rocking back and forth, overwhelmed by the set of emotions everyone was feeling.  He himself was worried about losing his powers.
“Okay, so we should call Aero,” Max went, dialing him up and going into the other room and comes back upon finishing the call.
“We’re infected with some disease nobo
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Havoc Around the moon
“I have a few questions, people,” Captain Taylor said, still stuck to her chair.
“Yes,” Max said, flying the blimp.
“One, who are you people?  Two, where are my skippers?  Three, why are we flying in a blimp of all things?  Four, why, if you’re trying to rescue me, am I still stuck to this chair!?”  She made.
“We’re Team Technofoxfire.  Sent by Aero Okami to rescue you!” Elias jumped
“One of our members should be in the process of rescuing them right now,” Ani quipped, “As for the blimp and why you’re still in the chair ask Max.”
“The blimp is because I can’t fly anything else.  Do you know how hard it is to fly an airplane?  The chair is because I never bothered untying you.  Well that and I didn’t feel like it.”
“You’re telling me the only reason we’re in a blimp is because you never learned to fly an airplane?!
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Team Technofoxfire versus Pirates of the Pacific
Max’s phone notified him of a message, so he pulled it out.
“That’s weird, I shouldn’t be getting a message at this point, ‘Good morning TechnoFoxFire. I hope this transmission finds you well.’  Wait what?”
Max read the rest and yelled “How did he get our team name?  We literally just came up with that stupid name!”
“What is it?” Elias butted in.
“Somehow this Okami got his hands on my cell phone number and asked us to take on some pirates.  In exchange, we will get the Havoc fist”
“What’s the Havoc Fist?  Wait … Pirates as in yo ho ho and a bottle of rum?” Elias asked.
Ani mirrors it with "Pirates? Eyepatches and peg legs and 'arrr matey' and all that, in this day and age?" while laughing about the notion.
“You know that pirates are still around after the execution of William Fly.”
“William Fly?” Takumi asked.
Max rubbed his temples, “
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Enter Team TechnoFoxFire
Enter Elias and Ani
Just minutes after the area was sealed off from external actors, a pillar of fire appeared at the crash site, and from it emerged Elias, coughing and spluttering remarking that he still wasn’t used to using that warp.
Having been in the crash site before the crash, Ani heard it and just blinked and looked towards where the sound emerged. "Seems like something interesting might finally be happening." They teleported themselves to a branch at the top of a tall tree, sending in an illusion copy of themselves to investigate. "Let's see what we have here..." Spoke the duplicate.
Elias spotted the duplicate. "Oh nein." He hid behind a bush, peeking over to watch the duplicate.  The duplicate Ani surveys the area. "This might be a good place to set up some traps... get a few of the other war participants when they come to investigate. Hmmm..." They rubbed their chin, their tail wagging back and forth.
"Is that... A tail?" Elias stared at it, co
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Anima Bunny by msflurker Anima Bunny :iconmsflurker:msflurker 7 3 Feminization Crisis: Captain Cat's Collapse by msflurker Feminization Crisis: Captain Cat's Collapse :iconmsflurker:msflurker 68 6 Masquerade TG 10 (Final) Colored by msflurker Masquerade TG 10 (Final) Colored :iconmsflurker:msflurker 37 4 Masquerade Tg 9 by msflurker Masquerade Tg 9 :iconmsflurker:msflurker 25 0 Masquerade Tg 8 by msflurker Masquerade Tg 8 :iconmsflurker:msflurker 28 2 Masquerade Tg 7 by msflurker Masquerade Tg 7 :iconmsflurker:msflurker 28 2
My latest creations.


Me being critical.



One year ago, I uploaded my first actual deviation, a coloring of Spanwfan's (Now Escafa) Birthday Dress.  Since then, this account has grown a lot.
To enumerate what I mean by grown here are some feats I've accomplished since that upload (in no particular order):
I have almost 2^15 page views
I have made relationships with sketch artists such as Escafa (:iconescafa:), and Cluedog (:iconcluedog:)
I earned the respect of several artists I look up to such as Kimbawest (:iconkimbawest:), SatomiSparks (:iconsatomisparks:), and Meliran (:iconmeliran:)
Had the original artist request to upload one of my colorings themselves (Cluedog on That's No Lady)
Made several friends on here.  Too many to list for fear of forgetting them and making them think they are less important.

Who knows what I will get in the future?  I just hope to keep improving.  To celebrate and to show how much I improved, I have remade that original coloring for today.
  • Listening to: Sacrifice by Lost Soul
  • Reading: FreeBSD manuals
  • Watching: Too many documentaries
  • Playing: Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
  • Eating: Fazoli's
  • Drinking: Carbonated artificially flavored water


msflurker's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
I can't draw people so I color instead.
I also do TG captions a lot.
I, as a free service, will do grammar and style commentary on any TG story or caption three thousand words or less.
I don't send llamas, so please don't send me any.
I take requests and commssions, you can read about it here:
Just call me Max or MSF if you don't want to write out my full screen name.
By the way, my username is meant to be read as "MSF Lurker." Please don't call me Ms. Flurker. Seriously the only reason I'd change my username is to prevent that from happening.
Number of people who correctly guessed what my username refers to: 2
Number of people who asked: 4
Number of people who called me Ms. Flurker: 4
Obviously, I'm not too happy with the number of people who call me the latter


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